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Dear Visitor,
Hi, I am Ayush Verma!

Formally welcoming you at my blog! A word of caution- You would not get much of knowledge, just some information on who Ayush Verma is! Believe me, when I say, it wasn't easy for me to do this.

I have always believed everyone is on their timeline, you grow, you succeed in that time frame only, there is a right time for everything, and then you have - Maktub!

On this God's Green Earth for a little over two decades, the one thing that I have been proud of is - "I never stopped Exploring".

Like any student, you have your own ups, downs, success, failures and umm.. a family ( which btw, either belongs to education or civil service), the ride has been a roller-coaster. But now when I look back, one thing which acted as a decisive factor in anything that I did was - Learning!

I was fortunate enough to be a kid who never got bored of books, and grew up with Sun Tzu, Socrates and did I miss Jane Austen! 😉

With close to around 8 years in freelance business and consulting now for almost 5 years, I believe this is the right time for you to get a sneak peak on the things that I have been doing.

Yes, I never got the courage to start a personal blog, but now I believe I ought to.

I finally am onto the most ambitious project of my life - HelloSkills!

Feel free to schedule a meet with me, it's about time that we should all get together.



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So Who is Ayush Verma and How Has Been His Journey?


Intel introduces USB Microsoft Introduces Windows 95 Kodak introduced first 12MP Camera

7th September, Thursday, The Big Day


Nokia dominated 50% of the World's Smartphone Market

Joined a Brain Development Company - Mind's Eye Education. Introduction to the World of Abacus, Vedic Maths and NLP


Twitter started getting worldwide recognition, a new era of microblogging thus emerged.

Learned about Anthony Robbins and found a mentor in him!

Started travelling nationwide for over 50 Workshops on Abacus and NLP and was awarded Company's Best Performer Award of 2009.


SpaceX Dragon successfully delivers Cargo to ISS. The era of commercial space exploration has begun.

Started working at a Digital Agency where I typewrited an Offline Magazine to Online Blog.

"Same year, I started assisting my IT Teacher in his side projects. And learnt what freelance work is (Voila, it pays too)"


Zuckerberg tried buying Snapchat for 3Bn USD which Spiegel declined.

Typewriting continued. Tried to create over a dozen blogs; None worked. Aquired SEO Skilled though.

Started Engineering in Computer Science and felt curiculum is too easy. Became proficient with HTML, CSS and Core Java.


European Space Agency's Philae's Lander touched down on a Comet - One of its kind.

Apple Launches Apple Watch

Created a multi-niche blog - eCloudTimes; with a College Friend, Iftekhar and some 12 other bloggers.No Money to pay, so everyone was a partner in the blog.

Started working on various Event Niche Blogs; Sports, Lifestyle, OTT, Torrents etc.

Earned my first Dollar via blogging and went to a 1000 USD!

"Worked with a Digital Agency in charge of creating Twitter Trends and managing Twitter Accounts.
My first learnings apart from Blogging - into the world of PR, Social Media and Marketing."


Microsoft Launches Windows 10

Upskilled myself to additional monetisation aspects of Blogging; Affiliate Marketing, Selling Backlinks, Sponsored Posts. eCloudTimes went to be in India's top 5k websites and world's top 20k website.

Started with a writing service - formed of group of writers who were writing and editing for other bloggers and marketers in need of good writers.

Left the Agency and writing service as I felt, it restricted my learning. Started running facebook ads for eComs of friends and fellow bloggers.

Launched Micrsoft Students Program, Firefox Partners program in College. Intrigueness to the world of Tech increased.

Started exploring IBM Watson and was almost sure will go into the field of AI.


Elon Musk buys tesla.com (Domain) at 11Mn USD Sony Released playstation VR

Realisation: Coudnt go back only towards learning, Money is too big a Motivation + Distraction. et voila Back to Blogging.

Total blogs count reached 50. Tried few additional niches, Celebrity Gossips, Entertainment, Interviews etc.

Reached a constant passive income of around 1000 USD a month.

Started an Online Consulting Company- Grofits; to give a banner to all the blogging and consulting work I was doing.

Started giving free lectures in colleges nearby and learnt that its an awesome feeling. Teaching started intriguing me and so did Marketing.

Started looking for means where I can mix Marketing with Tech. Started learning about Symbolic Learning in AI.

Decided will do an MBA where I get enough exposure of Tech and Marketing.


Bitcoin price surged to 20,000 USD from 5000 USD within 90 Days.

22 Year old Marcus Hutchins found the kill-switch to WannaCry Ransomware which reportedly affected 200,000 Computers worldwide.

Self Driving Cars, Bezelless Phones, Ethical Implementation in AI, ISRO Launching 104 sattelites - 2017 was a lot to take.

Realisation: Learning curve in past 4 years was good, but was largely self-education.
Wished had more exposure of corporate world and modern education.

Joined BITS Pilani.

More than MBA, tech got me interested. Explored as many clubs and students as possible. Met Mr. Yogesh Raut.

Started taking bigger clients and consulting them over Online Brand Reputation and Marketing techniques.

Lead a team in a Digital Agency responsible for Twitter Marketing and additional aspects for various Political Candidates.


Apple becomes world's $1 Trillion Company Only 14 Countries have a GDP more than Apple's Market Size!
NASA Insight Lander touches Mars

Teaching Assistantship in Computer Science Department which opened various door of exploration and development.

Intrigueness towards AI crossed all parameters, and started exploring aspects how AI and Marketing can run parallely.

Started taking bigger clients and consulting them over Online Brand Reputation and Marketing techniques.

Completed Courses on Design Thinking, Data Visualisation, Tablueau and Python.

Created first unsupervised AI model, analysing linguistic aspects of speech synthesis, trying to find of patterns in word of mouth propogation of a product.

Campus placement in KPMG!


First Pic of Blackhole Published

First Pic of Blackhole Published

Time Magazine Names Greta as person of the year!

Continued research on nWOM with Dr. Nirankush Dutta and Dr. Anil Bhat

Joined a Marketing Automation and Personlisation Company - Netcore Solutions instead of KPMG.

Won 3rd International Conference on Software and E-Business 2019 Best Research Award in Tokyo, Japan.

Started mentoring students from lower tier college online via instagram as a hobby. Created a blog HelloSkills to write on new technologies and youth upskill programme. Never really started the blog.

Started learning various aspects of SaaS Industry and incorporated all my learnings of Internet Marketing and Growth Hacking in growing Pepipost - An Email Delivery Product of Netcore.

Research continued on finding an AI based solution to better the state of Career Counselling and Personality Development in the industry.


The World is at a Standstill

Research hit a breakthrough, and started forming a team with Yogesh.

Nilay Arora joins the team as our AI Person and we started forming the business angle of the research.

Jayesh Janyani joins the team as a Mentor and Tech Expert.

Covid Lockdown gave us the space and time to work on project and the idea.

Left my Day Job and started working on HelloSkills full time.

Yes, we continued with the named - HelloSkills!

to be continued...

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